Roast Chicken

Click here for the original “non-SCD” recipe

Comments from recommender to make it SCD:

I tweak it to make it SCD legal by omitting the flour and the wine.  I add peeled carrots cut in large chunks to the casserole dish.  I cook the chicken breast side down for the first hour then turn it over the last 20-30 minutes so the skin can brown.  I also add homemade bone broth instead of store bought stock.  (The juices,once cooked, can be frozen in ice cube trays and then stored in a ziplock bag to be used for future recipes, like this one, calling for stalk).
The  leftover chicken bones from this recipe can be used to make homemade bone broth for future recipes as well.   I usually make my broth in a crock pot, add chicken bones, filtered water, carrots, onion, black peppercorns, salt and a little apple cider vinegar (it helps to pull out the nutrients from the bones).  Cook for 24 hours on low.  Strain and then freeze the broth in Ice cube trays or canning jars.

The frozen broth cubes are also great for adding to sautéed veggies when cooking to add extra flavor.


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