More resources to share!

Thanks to everyone that has been sharing these great resources!


Under Desserts, there is a new Cinnamon Cookie recipe.


Under Resources–>Products/Places, there is a wrap made out of coconut ingredients! as well as information for a gluten free bakery in Davis.


There has also been some activity under the Blue Diamond Almond Milk post on our blog.


Soon, we will let you know when our September meeting will be!

Thanks and enjoy!


2 thoughts on “More resources to share!

  1. Do recipes need to be original or is it ok to post recipes from books, etc. if credit is given to the author? I cook a lot and draw from a bunch of different sources but don’t have anything original to share.

    Thank you!

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    • It is definitely okay to post recipes from books and other resources as long as we give credit to the author. Thanks for checking. If you e-mail the recipe to us we can create a link to it in our recipe database if you would like.

      Thank you!

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