Banana Ice Cream!









On the afternoon of my mom’s birthday, I thought about dessert that evening ahead of time. 🙂 I knew she would be enjoying her chocolate custard eclair….and although I could probably recreate a SCD one myself, I didn’t have the time that afternoon so I made it VERY easy and cut up two bananas and left them in the freezer for about 5 hours.



Then I put the frozen slices in my blender…..




And added a LITTLE bit of water, vanilla and honey and blended it on a low setting until it turned into a soft serve texture. Don’t mix it too long or else the heat from the blender might melt it.

To jazz it up a bit, I took a small dish and put frozen berries on it, put it in the microwave for about a minute and swirled it into my ice cream. This made it melt a little bit but it was still tasty and made me care SO much less about my moms gorgeous eclair…haha. Enjoy!




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