New Meal Recipes!

These can all be found under Main Course in our Recipe Database. Enjoy!

Indonesian Toasted Coconut Beef Fritters (Use coconut flour instead of rice flour)

Maple-Glazed Chicken with Apple-Brussels Sprout Slaw (Use honey instead of maple syrup)

Pan-Seared Chicken with Tomato-Olive Relish

Grilled Steak with Green Beans, Tomatoes and Chimichurri Sauce Recipe

Dirty P’s Garlic-Ginger Chicken Thighs (Use sesame oil instead of soy sauce)

Apple-Honey Drumsticks Recipe (use sesame oil instead of soy sauce &  use SCD safe butter alternative & no sesame seeds)

Pork Chops With Apples and Garlic Smashed Potatoes (Use cauliflower mashed potatoes instead of potatoes & use almond milk or coconut milk instead of buttermilk)

Perfect Roast Beef

Grilled Chicken Thighs with Pineapple, Corn, and Bell Pepper Relish (no corn, replace with more bell peppers & NO sugar)


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    • Sorry for the late response, I was hoping to get an answer for you before I responded. I will have to wait until Valarie gets back to get the official “okay” from her. Some websites say yes and some say no…..So I will let you know what she says.

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