Helpful Paleo Cooking App

Hi everyone,

Danielle Walker, the author of Against All Grain, is a Paleo rockstar and has a great new app, Cookery. It is for the iPad, iPhone and apple watch and has some of her favorite recipes & step-by-step instructions on how to make it. Now this is for paleo and there are some slight differences to SCD, so you can either omit or replace SCD illegal ingredients if you find them in a recipe you pick out here. Here is a helpful PDF presentation that can give guidance on how to do those replacements. It can also be found under the Resources tab, and then Other.

For those concerned about school lunches as we’re getting back into the school season, Danielle says this on a recent blog post:

Need some back to school lunch inspiration?

Check out my Kid’s section in my first book, Against all Grain starting on page 186!

Asher’s not a sandwich type of kid (even on my grain-free bread), so I plan on doing lots of bite sized protein options like mini meatballs, meatloaf muffins, and my grain/nut-free chicken nuggets. Many of the recipes in the picture are nut-free and for the few that aren’t, you could easily sub in a seed flour!


One thought on “Helpful Paleo Cooking App

  1. Check out kite hill they have ricotta cheese made from Almon milk. And check out Mikeys muffins has scd legal muffins

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