Happy Halloween!

Hi everyone,

Halloween will be here soon! But just because candy is involved, doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy the festivities! Below are some ideas for celebrating Halloween.

  • Decorate cuties as pumpkins with a sharpie or halloween-themed stickers to pass out Halloween night or at school
  • Kiddos get 1 nickel/dime/quarter for every piece of candy they bring home Halloween night. Or a special present in exchange for their bag of candy. Basically, exchange the candy for something better.
  • Orange Pumpkin Stuffed Bell Peppers
  • Halloween Candy Corn Fruit Pops
  • Honey Vanilla Candy
  • Remember that Halloween is about having fun with the costumes and spending time with friends, not just the candy! 🙂

THIS SATURDAY Danielle Walker (Author of paleo/scd recipe books) will be joining Sacramento for her Celebrations book tour at the Costco in Sacramento. More details are here.

Feel free to reach out if you need advice for this upcoming festivity.






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