Under each image (or if you hover over an image) is a caption with an abbreviation of the store it is available at.
Here is the key:

E=Elliot’s Natural Foods
N=Nugget Market
O=Online (DW=Digestive Wellness)
SC=Sam’s Club
TJ=Trader Joe’s
WF=Whole Foods

***NOTE: The following products have not been double-checked by getting the “okay” from the company that there are no other ingredients not listed and that they are 100% SCD safe. However, Trader Joe’s claims they list all ingredients.

***NOTE: About 99% of the products for sure have straightforward ingredients. However, there MIGHT be some illegal ingredients such as “Natural Flavors” on a few of the products, possibly not. If you come across one of these unsafe products, please let us know.

***NOTE: E-mail us if:

  • You find any errors
  • Product found at a different store
  • New safe product found and where

Grocery List

Products by Category

Products by Store

Other Places

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