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  1. After 7 weeks on the SCD diet, my 22 year old son still suffers from low energy. He believe that it’s due to lack of carbs. What can he eat for more energy and calories besides mounds of peanut butter?

    • Hi Joann!

      Thanks for reaching out. This can be a common problem in the beginning while the body is adjusting. Kidney or black beans can be very satisfying, other types of nuts and really just well balanced meals with carbs, fats and protein. I make ground turkey muffins sometimes for a good high protein snack. Fruits like apples and bananas are high in carbohydrates too and can be packed with other natural sugars in smoothies.

      I hope this helps!

      • Also, he may enjoy pea protein powder in baked goods and smoothies. Many stores are now carrying pure pea protein powder if egg white protein powder.

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