***Although there is a lot of information and summaries available, it is STRONGLY recommended to read Breaking The Vicious Cycle in order to cover all of the details of the diet and to truly understand the diet.

Creative Ideas:

  • Use halved bell peppers as taco shells
  • Healthyout app
  • Most grocery stores allow you to try it before you buy it! Don’t be afraid to ask!
  • Soaking nuts in water and experimenting with different seasonings and salt, let dry
  • Dehydrating cookies makes them much crispier and turns treats that come out mushy, into yummy treats.
  • Lightly frying breads to toast them makes them a bit crispier.
  • Roast slivered almonds or other nuts with spices or honey or oils, etc. These candied nuts are great toppings for a salad or even just a snack.
  • Use carrots or sliced bell peppers to dip into guacamole or salsa for a great snack.
  • Use different nut flours so you don’t get burnt out on almond flour and coconut flour.
  • Thin spatulas make crepe-making easier.
  • Frozen watermelon is a tasty and easy treat!
  • Whole Foods & Trafer Joe’s has a prosuito, which is great wrapped around asparagus
  • Using a “Vitamix-type” blender to mix batter for baked goods gives it a fluffy, great texture.
  • Pre-make breakfast for the week by making the mix for an egg scramble with veggies and spices, bake in oven for around 15 minutes at 350F or until done, keep an eye on them. They freeze well and all you have to do in the morning is heat them up! Freezing muffins to heat up for breakfast works great too!
  • Mix up smoothies with different fruit combinations. A great one is cherries, blueberries, strawberries, kale and orange juice.
  • Triple batches and freeze them for later to save time in the future. Freezing and dehydrating different recipes allows for greater variety.
  • Make your own trail mixes with dried fruits and nuts, pre-bag for a great snack during the week that is ready to grab and go!


  • This page is FULL of excellent tips and ideas to create better meals/baked goods & to save time!
  • Your baking staples are:
    • Blanched Nut/Coconut Flour (Blanched=W/O Skins. Almond Meal is W/Skins. Almond Flour is W/O Skins. We want nut FLOURS)
    • Honey
    • Applesauce/Ghee Butter
    • Eggs
    • Baking Soda
    • Yummy natural flavors of fruits, veggies & nuts
    • Add different seasonings to your eggs such as garlic salt, Italian seasoning, paprika, etc. This is a great way to add variety to a boring egg dish.
    • Consider investing in a dehydrator. Dried fruits and veggies are an excellent snack & great alternative to chips. However, commercial ones may have added sugar & they’re quite expensive! Making it is easy too. It’s just a matter of washing, slicing & letting them bake.


  • Spaghetti Squash creates “spaghetti” strings
  • You can use a Julienne or potato peeler, or a veggie pasta machine on cucumber, zucchini, squash, etc.
  • There is even a video on our website to make pasta out of frozen chicken!


  • Although SCD technically allows some fermented dairy products & aged cheeses, we find that patients have the best results with absolutely no dairy or soy products.
  • It’s okay though because there are excellent alternatives such as almond milk, coconut milk, nut milks, ghee butter, coconut butter & many more.


  • No refined sugar (no added sugar, cane sugar, Splenda, etc.)
  • Basically, if it didn’t come from honey, fruit or vegetables, it’s not safe.


  • Supplement of good bacteria to help keep a normal balance
  • Speak with your doctor to see if a probiotic is right for you
  • VSL #3 is strongly recommended
    • Check with your insurance to see if it is considered a “Food Drug”
    • If not, coupons are available. If you are interested in these please contact us.
  • Culturelle is another brand

Watch Out For:

  • Sugar/additives on nuts (typically roasted) & dried fruits
  • Sugar in applesauce/honey/juices/etc.
    • Evaporated cane juice/sugar
    • Fruit juice concentrate
    • Maltodextrin
  • Grain flour mixed into nut flour
  • Recipes online that claim they are “SCD”…double check ingredients
  • Dairy ingredients come in many different forms, several with names more difficult to pronounce than milk. The important thing is to be able to recognize them when they appear on a label. Look for: curds, whey, casein, rennet, casein, lactose, lactulose, whey and casein hydrolysates, lactalbumin, and lactoglobulin.
  • Sugar has many names……double check your ingredients & make sure they are SCD approved. SOME of the other names for sugar can be found at . Honey and pure fruit juice are acceptable for sure.
  • If you don’t know what it is…probably shouldn’t have it but double check the Legal/Illegal list

On The Weekly:

  • Dedicate 2 hours on Sunday morning (whichever day of the week) to prepare foods for the week. This will save a lot of time throughout the week & make things much easier!
    • For example….
      • Make batter for a bread to use for sandwiches, French toast, etc.
      • Make batter for omelet muffins or regular muffins/other baked good
      • Bake at the same time if you can
      • While those are baking, throw the ketchup mixture on the stove
      • While all of that is baking/cooking…bag carrots, other veggies, fresh fruits, dried fruits, nuts, mixes into mini bags so they are ready to grab & go for the week.
      • Pre-make/Freeze Meals (Chicken nuggets, Taquitos, Pancakes/Waffles, Cinnamon Rolls, Breads (for lunch, French toast), Mexican mixes, Sauces, Stir Fries, Veggie Bags, etc.
      • Pick out snacks that you would enjoy & pre-make them/pre-bag them for the week.


  • From a patient…“Got _____’s “pill cam” results from Dr D this week and he is ulcer free after a year on SCD and 4 tabs Lialda/day, plus probiotics!  He has been super compliant. She now says he can go off the Lialda. You are welcome to pass on this positive story to other parents and patients.  It’s a scary thing and it helps to know there is something we can have control over with diet.
  • From a patient…”I make certain that I have a ready supply of something my daughters consider a treat.  I make certain that the treat is rarely given so that it is a treat.  I  make certain she brings her treat to birthday parties.  Her teacher also tells me when there will be treats.  Birthday treats at school are probably the hardest situation- watching kids eat Krispy Kreme.  I make certain that she knows that she will get something (at home, worst case) so that she does not feel deprived. When we travel (we cruise a lot), I bring a lot of food for her.  We regularly talk about  how she felt/looked before SCD.  The “go ________” praise from Dr. D, family, friends helps immensely.  I also take care not to eat illegal food in front of her (it is a rare occasion that I do because I feel better myself without empty carbohydrates).  We do SCD together.”
  • From a patient…”I have to say what immediately came to mind for me was at the end ofsome very difficult days, I would remind myself of what was truly in &
    out of our control (in terms of managing a disease.) Gently
    identifying these things in my heart reminded me daily that I had to
    learn to be satisfied with my efforts, one day at a time.”
  • From a patient…”I recommend a 504 ASAP, and a therapist who specializes in young adult issues. These have both helped my daughter!”
  • 4 Mind Traps That Cause Us to Cheat on Our Diets (and How to Beat Them) by Steven Wright
  • Bring the SCD Legal/Illegal list with you when you grocery shop, especially when first starting out on the diet. This is super helpful when shopping in case you want to double check a new product.
  • Base your weekly meal plans off of the meats on special at your local store. This is a great way to save money and add variety to your meals from week to week.
  • Don’t be discouraged! The adjustment at first may be difficult, but once you adjust, it is such a rewarding and healthy lifestyle! & don’t forget you’re never alone!
  • It’s easier to just buy fresh produce and make things yourself
  • May seem bland at first
    • You adjust to sweetness of natural sugar
    • Truly amazing recipes with many seasonings & flavors
  • Fun to experiment with new items
    • Many recipes are made by trial & error so please share your experiences with us via e-mail to share on our website.
    • E-mail us your opinions on recipes you’ve tried as well as recommendations.
  • Support system
    • Explain diet to friends and family to prevent tempting situations
    • Other members of the family may start the diet, or at least eat close to it
  • Tempted by cakes at parties, fast food commercials, etc.?
    • MANY alternatives for loved food items
    • Think about the harm it would do to your body, the pain & discomfort you’ve had in the past & focus on the benefits of being on SCD
    • Prepare for special events
  • More time consuming…
    • Helpful to prepare food in the beginning of the week
      • Maybe hire someone?
    • SCD cabinet or shelf
    • Pre-make meals & freeze them
    • Pre-bag fruits/veggies/nuts for the week
    • Pre-make batters for breads/cookies/etc. & freeze them to pull out later. This is nice if you are used to having convenient mixes when baking.
    • More products are being made with no added sugar, all natural ingredients (LARA bar)


Starting SCD

  • Many members tend to feel very hungry and unsatisfied when first starting out on the diet. Eat multiple times throughout the day, like 5-6 meals a day. Also, be sure you’re actually getting enough calories. Fruits and veggies and lean meats are very low in calories so you may not be getting enough for your daily caloric intake. Also, your body is definitely adjusting from getting its primary energy source from starchy carbs that easily fill you up, so give it some time and don’t be afraid to eat larger portions. Listen to your body.
  • Use Practical Paleo, Paleo Indulgences, Against All Grain, and other paleo recipes and modify them to meet SCD guidelines
  • From a member, “I make certain that I have a ready supply of something my daughters consider a treat. I make certain that the treat is rarely given so that it is a treat. I make certain she brings her treat to birthday parties. Her teacher also tells me when there will be treats. Birthday treats at school are probably the hardest situation- watching kids eat Krispy Kreme. I make certain that she knows that she will get something (at home, worst case) so that she does not feel deprived. When we travel (we cruise a lot), I bring a lot of food for her. We regularly talk about how she felt/looked before SCD. The “go ______” praise from Dr. D, family, friends helps immensely. I also take care not to eat illegal food in front of her (it is a rare occasion that I do because I feel better myself without empty carbohydrates). We do SCD together.”
  • Remember that you’re not being deprived of anything you need. Our society and corporations have done an excellent job revolving our lives around food and make taste a priority rather than quality. The motivation of companies putting out those sugary cereals and prepackaged dinners is to make money, not create a product that is super nutritious and healthy for you. Also, do some research on what organizations actually made the “food pyramid”…this can give some insight that might help your perspective. Our society has made food seem like that’s what life’s about. Our ancestors didn’t have or NEED rainbow cereal, decadent scones, pre-packaged meals, etc. Food should still be enjoyable and fun, and it can be while you’re on SCD. Just really focus on embracing foods that your body is meant to have. There are plenty of great tasting recipes out there that you and the whole family can enjoy! One member in the past has shared the quote, “Don’t live to eat, eat to live.” If you’re struggling with this diet, really think about what that quote is saying. You CAN and SHOULD enjoy food while being on SCD, but ultimately food is meant to properly nourish our bodies, end of story.

Eating out

  • The best and safest thing to do when eating out is to not modify a meal on the menu necessarily because there may be products not listed in the item description that are not SCD safe, and ingredients that the waiter or even chef may not know of that are in products they use. For example, A LOT of mixed spices have binders and starches in them. So ask your waiter what fresh or frozen vegetables they have (NOT CANNED VEGETABLES) as well as what meats they have that are not seasoned yet. Then request those items, veggies steamed and meat cooked with olive oil or other safe oil and salt and pepper. Also, see if they have a cooking surface for allergies as a lot of cooktops use unsafe oils, and meals prepared on these cooktops have still caused discomfort for SCDers.


  • Podcast for making SCD fun for kids:
  • Bring a SCD dessert (maybe even enough to share so others can see how good it is, allowing the kid to feel more comfortable about eating it). There are PLENTY of recipes out there for frostings, cakes, cookies, etc. If you haven’t found one you’ve liked, keep trying. Although, I don’t think you’ll have to look far.
  • Don’t eat any! If they’re not quite comfortable eating “different” food than their peers, then they can maybe just enjoy a dessert before or after the party. There are plenty of picky kids out there that don’t eat dessert, even if they can.


  • Be medication free!
  • Feeding your body how it’s supposed to be fed!
  • Avoid surgery!

Need to gain weight?:

  • You can gain weight by eating high calorie foods in this diet.
  • Nuts are very high in calories. Typically, about 1/4 cup is around 160 calories!
  • Baked goods made with coconut flour or nut flour are high in calories.
  • Adding avocado into snacks/meals is a great way to get extra calories.

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